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Milwaukee 6-16

Set up in 60fow just south of the Filter heading NNE finding some bait, hooks, surface temp 56 and down 30 48 degrees and trolling around 2.4 on the Dx10 .
We had a couple of coho on our first mile or so pass so turned back south.
Then then the 40’ rigger fired again with Brad’s Black Jack and Big Al Blk/pearl followed by 7 color reg Flounder Pounder UV 8# king and 3 set dipsy 23’ loc coho rig Blk/Purple peanut.
We were 7 for 11 before 6AM and thinking this will be a short day.
Wrong. The bite died and almost 2 hours before the next one hit the box.

We continued north past the wreck and turned back south at 9.0 north. Heard someone went 5 for 6 in short order 120 fow so took that contour south.
Picked up a Lake Trout on a 5 color on a UV taped Raider regular Chicken Pox that missed on two previous bites. We just kept pecking away and eventually went back a shallow as 35 feet and still marking bait and fish.

One of my crew brought along an assortment of spoons that were handmade from natural shells and sent to him from the gentleman who carves them in Japan.
He gets twenty some dollars apiece for them so I was reluctant to try then for fear they would work.
The bites were slow so we put one on a 5 color and not long after it took a 15.5# brown!
Oh my so put another on a rigger and that took a coho.
The spoons look a bit like the old Apex spoon and have a nice erratic action and super shiny polished finish.
Wish I could afford a couple but too many others in my assortment to justify.

Coho are definitely spreading out and the bite has slowed but this is that time of the season.
Also reports of good Coho action as far north as Algoma when most years they seem to move east by the time they reach Sheboygan.
We ended up 15 for about 22 with 1 king, 1 LT, 1 brown and the rest Coho and fished until 130. F
orecast for the next week iffy so not sure when I will get back. Retired guys wait for good weather.

Grey Beard
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Mr. Paul Zwicker, very good fisherman.

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