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I was finally able to use your shell spoons this year to fish salmon on Lake Michigan out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.
I was on a friend's boat trolling and we put one of your spoons on a 5 color lead core rod which promptly got bit by a large brown trout.
After a long battle, we netted a 15.5 pound fish! The boat captain decided to put another shell spoon on a down rigger and soon after we landed a nice coho salmon. 
If we had been using your shell spoons longer that day, I am certain we would have caught our limit of fish that day. 
Your spoons have fantastic action and are beautifully crafted.

Thank you for allowing me to test your shell spoons.

The boat captain (Grey Beard) posted this fishing report on two popular websites for the Great Lakes.
He gets out much more than I do since he is retired. He would love to test your spoons against other salmon lures he tests for other companies.

I would love to know if you run your spoons with flashers or have made any changes to your designs.

Here are the reports:
1. https://www.lake-link.com/…/lake-michigan-milwaukee-c…/4215/

2. http://www.glanglerforum.com/forum/showthread.php…

Here is a photo of me quite happy having landed a very large brown trout:


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